Southeast AsiaN Art Residencies Meeting

The theme of the 2019 annual meeting is "Fail Daily is the Sound of Tidal Waves"

Southeast Asian art space administrators and organizers with invited guests from other areas will gather together to discuss the daily challenges that each one faces, ranging from natural disasters, human errors, social structure, political conflicts and urban development. The objectives of the Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA) annual meeting and Southeast Asian Artist Residency Meeting (SEAARM) have continuously mapped different contexts within the region in order to foster stronger connections, work towards better sustainability, build ongoing networks, explore possibilities of exchange development, and promote regional residencies to artists/residencies. This is a knowledge-sharing network that reflects on daily practices in art production and art space operation, thus, enabling further collaborations amongst partners and fortifying new exchange programs in the process.

About Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA)

Established in 2016, the Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA) combines dozens of artist villages, artist-in-residencies and artist-run-spaces to clarify the mission and role of these organizations in the context of contemporary art.  Through annual meetings, workshops, talks and seminars, TASA builds internal networks among its members and local art organizations. It also provides training programs for AiR managers and in order to introduce them to international networks and to improve professional skills in art space management. It aims to promote cultural mobility in Taiwan and to empower professionals in art management and environmental concerns.

About Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (ECNSA), Republic of China will host the fifth annual East Coast Land Art Festival. They have invited artists to submit proposals in order to to create projects and installations that fuse the natural environment, geographic landscape, and spatial aesthetics of the East Coast National Scenic Area. In the last few years, Taitung Dawn Artist Village (TDAV) and The Other Woman Gallery in cooperation with the ECNSA, have organized the TECLand Arts Festival. The festival emphasizes onsite creation and local participation, focusing on the dialogue between art, nature and culture to adapt to the climate and ecological context of the East Coast. The purpose is to gather local and international artistic creativity through a modern cultural tourist strategy into shaping unique cultural and scenic landscapes and experiences of the East Coast of Taiwan.

Marika Constantino, founding member of 98B COLLABoratory (98B) in Manila, Philippines, was an invited speaker at the TASA Annual Meeting 2018. She was also one of the facilitators of SEAARM 2018 held in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. Shu-Lun Wu, a member of TASA and organizer/project host of the Taiwan East Cost Land Arts Festival, also took part in the SEAARM 2018. Through Wu’s effort, she encouraged TECLand Arts Festival and TASA to jointly organize the SEAARM 2019 within the beautiful landscape of the Taiwan’s east coast.

East Coast of Taiwan while the "2019 TECLand Arts Festival and TASA Annual with Southeast Asian AiR Meeting

We invite all of you to come and enjoy the beautiful East Coast of Taiwan as the “2019 TECLand Arts Festival and TASA Annual with SEAARM” takes place in Taitung, Sept. 15-19, 2019. The symposium starts after the moonlight concert by the beach.

The people who live in Taitung are blessed with a relaxing life embraced by the green mountains and the blue ocean. When working under the sun or in the forest, people are very sensitive with the environment that they are part of. They pay a lot of attention to seasonal changes, ocean patterns, and the variations in the gusts of the wind and breadth of the sky. Like artists, they take notice of the challenges from governmental policies, industrial structures, economic conditions and social trends. Behind the seemingly rational, elegant and inspiring artistic activities are the art and cultural workers’ determination and persistence. The accumulation of their daily toil, between ideals and reality, have resulted into a series of survival kits. Whether success or failure is imminent, this is the rhythm of life.


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Get off at Kangle Station from South Line Railway, about 5 minutes on foot.

Peinan Cultural Park: Get off at Taitung Station, about 15 minutes on foot.

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After arriving Taitung Fong Nien Airport, take a taxi.

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